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This is a private site , meant for me n my friends primarily.

I don’t mind any one checking in – read or comment , but please maintain the cleanliness out here.

Don’t spam n don’t use flaming  and plz  write it in a decent  way , with a socially acceptable lingo  😉

The work presented out here is not for distribution – I have all the rights regarding them.

Terms , symbols , signs , titles , names , marks etc.  regarding softwares , companies , movies etc etc  belong to them only ,

I have nothing to do with it , they have all the rights regarding them,

I simply use the pruducts to create my own artworks and this final product is only under me

– ” not 4 Profitable interests “.

The views expressed here are liable to the person who wrote them , I have nothing to do with it.

Using my images or other stuff for professional use is strictly prohibited.

However you can use them for personal learning – with my consent 🙂

The movie reviews I wrote are absolutely mine ideas – not at all influenced or biased – got it.

My sources are mostly original , however I have no liability if they are copyrighted – only when unknown,

In such cases plz message me regarding the details and if found right – I will remove it.

If u gonna sue me you got no Right to view this site –  So u r already the sacked one   😛

OK so let’s start with the fun thing ……

that's me

that's me : )

Copyrights – Apurv .

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