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    OK…. so finally, a year after creating this blog ,now I have the time to write in it ! And what would be a better topic to start with then the reason itself leading to circums that I now have the time to do what I was shifting around for a year.

    So on the 5th of April 09 ; I took my cousin Sumit ( who came here to spend his holidays) around the town. We went to V-mart ,new- market ,upper lake etc etc . And then on our way to home , around 22:00 hrs , we stopped by at 10 no. stop , ate a burger and a sandwich and thus at 22:30 came back to my scooter parked nearby. He started the scooter and just as I sat – engine died ! He started kicking it again n again and I just sat there – hanging my legs around the bulging rear and looking at the empty road when suddenly it flashed ; I looked behind and saw a car (a maruti 800, blue as shown) few meters away , drifting towards me at about 70~80 Km ph.

    Damn Them >.<

    BANG !!! It’s bumper hit my right leg and squeezed it against the metal engine cover of scooter, pushes it a few inches ahead and twisted my leg across the metal  footrest end !

    Rough – but u got the idea !

    HECK !! I thought. Nothing has move an inch accept my foot and the car sped away ! He didn’t stopped ! I was furious and started to stand down from scooter trying to shout at the driver , when I noticed something !! My right shoe was SWINGING !!( and of course – the foot with it ). I at once sat on the ground without touching it and then slowly placed it there. I held the shoe from heel and tried to move it sideways – IT ROLLED ON IT’S OWN     >.<;

    It’s not funny !!

    AAAAHHHHHH WHAT THE HECK IS THIS – I thought – BLOODY *@#*(#%^&!$#@^&$#@%.  I started shouting – ” it’s broken , damn it ! it’s broken !! “.  I was faaar too amazed to have noticed the pain or the blood !!  I looked down the road – the car stopped far away but no one came out – as if just watching from there.  AND now my brother panicked ! The swinging foot took his breath away and he simply froze.  2~3 people came by asking , I asked one of them to help my bro who was still on the scooter.  I was angry as hell and took another look at the car – there was still no movement ; dogs – I thought !  I wanted to turn him in , not letting go of it from the sight ,trying to read it’s number plate in the dark.  But when i tried to move a little , the foot rolled again freely to the other side – and I decided ,

    Hell with the car – leg needs fixing – think  think  – ok !!

    I told Sumit to call my father and tell him to reach  ‘FRACTURE HOSPITAL’  immediately.  While he was dialing – a boy came riding a bicycle and said the car nearly banged him too  and the driver of the car was swirling his head inside the car like a drunk – he saw it !  I told him to go and note the number of the vehicle and for other 2 audience , I told them to  pick me up from shoulders, and put me back on the scooter and told Sumit to start it again.  I held the shoe heel from left hand and the knee from right – such as no movement could occur in between !  Then I told him to go straight to a hospital nearby – BHOPAL FRACTURE hospital .

    Area Map

    WE reached there few minutes later , riding real slow as every bump urged me to scream!!   I told him to park directly in the compound , in front of the main gate and screamed for a stretcher .  A man came – asked about it – said he would bring it in a minute – and then sat back on his chair !  I was mad !! I asked people around to help me and hold the vehicle while I sent Sumit to get a stretcher.  It came , I was laid and sent to mini OT directly and give some shots.  While I was there I asked Sumit for his cell phone and called my friends living near by to come immediately.  In few minutes everybody came and I was taken to the X-RAY room.  God Knows why I was smiling at every one back there !!  They tried to pull my jeans out but it was too tight so- they teared it apart from 1 side >:o .  I thought about asking someone to take a pic of it for the last time but knew that I would be shouted back at – so………   , Anyway there was a dent in the leg – looked like an inside curve on the surface.

    HELL HELL HELL !!!!! Cracked Bones Can Cause how much of Pain – I learned that day.
    To take a X-RAY of a fractured bone the limb is stretched to it’s capacity for a clear view of fragments !!!   One of them held my knee and thigh firmly, while the other PULLED my foot so hard as if he would get gold coins dropping out of my ripped out leg !  I had to put a cloth roll in my mouth as the jaw was clenching too tightly every time he pulled  Thankfully I didn’t cried 😉 – but my mother did !   So the X-RAY came out to be pretty bad – take a look

    Count – If you can
    Snow white -.-

    They counted more than 15 fractures in the big one and 1 broken dislocation in the other.  So I was prized with a temporary plaster up to my thigh and damn! it was hot like hell !  Then I was hospitalized for about 10 days straight as the external wounds on the leg needed to heal before a permanent plaster is wound on it .
    And thus the real thing started

    – how to live without moving your 1 leg !!!!!!

    Even more – how to sleep without moving your 1 leg – thus whole body pretty much, Any way , had to cope with it . I was dumped in a pvt. room , good thing – it had a TV . Although I didn’t watch much of it in the prior 4  yrs , but this changed in here , I mean you got to do something to kill the time – don’t you !  On that night my two friends (vivek & vishal) decided to stay at night , but my mother refused – she wanted to stay but we explained that it would be fine,, they should go n rest as it’s too late and they can come back early in the morning. Also my younger brother was alone at home . It took a lot of persuasion but finally we made them go home , I also sent Sumit along with them – it took a lot of time to explain to him that it would be better as he can help them to carry things in the morning to hospital .  Finally 3 of us were left, we switched on the TV and chatted for an hour or so, Then I was forced to go to sleep by them ,  I tried n tried n tried but failed . It’s hard to sleep straight when you are used to sleep all curled up with a pillow between your legs !! Any how some hours later it caught up to me and I slept for few hours only to wake up every few minutes , shift an inch here and there and try again – n again !!!
    In the morning my parents came with all the things they could bring to make the stay more comfortable ..

    to be continued ……………………….   ©



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